Sell or Trade-In Your Land Rover

We will buy [almost] any Land Rover for cash

We may not pay the top price that you might get by selling your Land Rover privately, but we don’t mess about and the money is paid instantly.

If you are struggling to sell your Land Rover OR you need a quick, easy sale – we can help!

We may not be able to offer the top price but the payment will be available the same day.

Selling your vehicle privately can be a time consuming and risky business. At the Viking 4×4 Centre, we take the hassle out of selling your used Land Rover.

We can save you a lot of time and effort: no classified listings, no advertising fees and no arty photos required! Just a quick, safe and easy sale with payment completed on the day of purchase.

So, save yourself the effort of a private sale and protect yourself against potential time-wasters by giving us call or pop down to our garage to request a valuation.

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